Family-Owned Pest Control
Excellence for Over Three Decades

Three Generations Experience

Denny Bosma acquired P&K Pest Control in 1990. Within a few short years, he grew the business and his client base through one simple formula: providing excellent service at a fair price. Now running on three generations, Justin’s son Thomas being the latest, that formula along with pest control expertise has allowed the company to continue thriving and serving Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sheldon, Iowa and the surrounding towns and cities. P&K appreciates your business, and we strive every day to promptly address your pest problems and maintain the same excellence that got us where we are today.

Justin Bosma

Denny Bosma

Thomas Bosma
Owner Some Day soon

At P&K Pest Control, we take pride in being a family-owned business that has dedicated over twenty years to providing exceptional pest control services across the Midwest. Our commitment to safety and effectiveness is evident as we use only EPA-tested and registered products to ensure the highest standard of pest management.

Our team of pest control experts is not only licensed and bonded but also rigorously trained to uphold the utmost professionalism in the field. Each technician is state-licensed and actively keeps abreast of the latest advancements in pest control technologies and methods through annual continuing education.

Choose P&K Pest Control where tradition meets innovation in pest control.